About Us


Incorporated in 1987 the company's ethos has remained key in our success through the last three decades.

Driven from the top the company appreciates the contribution and value of each and every staff member and so training is of utter importance in the continued goal of the company to provide a workforce who are capable of working in any location and any project.

Having established a tried and tested format this has translated into us being a framework partner with Anglian Water Services Limited, Envigo & The National Trust.

In addition the qualifications and accreditations we have achieved, have meant we have never actively had to promote the company as work has always come to us

Quality Assurance

Our clients consistently see the value of working with a company like Dunnella Limited.

Commitment to Quality

We have continued to lead the field in attaining British Standards and are now one of only a handful of national companies to have achieved this milestone. The company has gained certification via the British Assessment Bureau with accreditations of BS EN ISO 9001:1994,   BS EN ISO 14001:1996 and OHSAS 18001: 1999.